A Casa: 50.12

2014, fullHD video, PAL, 16:9, B/W, silence, 10′ 00′
Edition of 5+1 artist’s proof


25 April Association collection
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian collection

This silent video, enhances the time/space relationship, working as a form of cartographic mapping of a territory – A Casa – which is part not only the interior space, container of several mnemonic elements but also its exterior. Records the last moments of contact with this place, revealing an entropic consciousness, an environment where is patent an oxymoron among the remaining signs of proof of life and its abrupt end.

This project, A Casa, consists of a broad spectrum of work, begun in 2012, and with the exception of this video A Casa: 50.12, that was completed during 2014, is still under development.

Its nuclear element is a family home, recorded for a few months through photography and video, and this particularity is the fact that it has been uninhabited in recent years, finding itself in a paradoxical suspension, swinging between a presence of life and the slow and constant decomposition imposed by time. What stands out is this passage of time, characterized by an entropic consciousness, as well as by an environment where an oxymoron is visible between the remaining signs of the predominantly feminine proof of life, and the abrupt end of this experience.

In addition to the regists, the photographic objects were collected as well as other utensils used in the daily life of this family.