[CT1LN project]

2014-16, series of 12 drawings, mixed media on paper, 70×100 cm (each).
Templum consists of a series of twelve drawings, which aim to exploit the dispersion, of the trips recommended through this practice: starting from the records books, which represent a database that contains, among other information, the order number of the contacts, the date with the hour (with precision to the minute) in which they were made, and their location, and finally the days in which a number between one and two hundred contacts were registered were selected.
This information is then materialized in a vegetable paper, placed on a world map, having the path originating a different drawing each day. This path is recorded through line segments, from point to point, constructing a polygonal shape that can only take place in this space, in this context.
After a series of steps, ranging from the creation of stencils, to the passing of the information to the final support, the points are numbered according to the original logbook order.
The title of the series has its origin in the Roman tradition, being the Templum a place chosen by the prophets to contemplate the stars, in order to draw lessons from the celestial space reading. This is an aspect that has proved to be decisive, since it causes a reversal of the meaning of the drawings, due to the fact that the compositions are an interpretation of the paths made by Paul V – marked on the surface of the Earth – and refer to the representation of constellations.