2015, installation, Full HD video, PAL, 16:9, B/W, silence, 4’ 39’’, loop, projector, wood and canvas, 72 x 120 x 120cm.


video + installation: single proof
video: edition of 2+1 artist’s  proof
 apocatastasis  Dated: 1871
feminine noun n
1        back to a previous state or condition or initial; reestablishing, restoration, restitution
1.1     Category: astronomy. return of a star to its apparent position in the sky after a certain time
1.2     Category: History of medicine. return to health; restoring forces
1.3    Category: theology. return of all beings to their original condition of the absence of fault (…) by the grace of divine redemption
gr. apokatastasis, Eos ‘id.’
Source: Dicionário eletrónico Houaiss da Língua Portuguesa

“(…) chained in an infinite loop and in repeated movements, the work of Henrique Vieira Ribeiro speaks of return, cycle (of life), manifesting through abstraction strategies and synthesis, concerns about the vulnerability and fragility of human existence ( …) “

Andreia Poças, 2015