…no princípio

2018 | Quartel da Arte Contemporânea de Abrantes – Coleção Figueiredo Ribeiro

curated by Adelaide Ginga

…in the beginning


“(…) I found myself in a large open space; it was almost round, like a dome, and about a hundred metres wide. 

          At that moment I saw changes in the ocean; the water became still and the surface was transparent, but dark. A sort of yellow mucus began to form. It rose from the depths through large cracks, glistening like glass. It came out of the water, boiling and forming a crust. The crust hardened, the surface became brown like molasses (…) solidified into huge lumps, which slowly took on a variety of forms (…)

          When I looked down again, I saw a sort of garden; I could see vegetation and plants of this same substance (…) and they all looked like miniatures.”

Andrei Tarkovsky, Solaris, 1972


…no princípio […in the beginning] is a group of words that is closely connected to Genesis, the first book of Scriptures, and evokes the beginning, the source of creation. It presupposes the notion of foundation, of a primeval cause that triggers a phenomenon. However, by being preceded by suspension points, these words achieve the quality of a paradox, via the voluntary introduction of an indefinite previous time.

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Adelaide Ginga