O Arquivista

CT1LN project part II

2019 | MNAC – Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon

Curated by Adelaide Ginga

In his last year he (Winckler) didn’t go out at all. Smautf became accustomed to taking him up his meals twice a day, and seeing to his cleaning and washing (…) He stayed all day in his pyjama trousers and a sleeveless red cotton vest over which he would pull, when he was cold, a kind of indoor jacket of soft flannel and a polka-dot scarf.

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Perec, Georges (2008) Life, A User’s Manual (trans. David Bellos), London: Vintage, pp 31-32

The CT1LN project, by Henrique Vieira Ribeiro, has been in development since 2014 and consists of the artistic interpretation of a collection accumulated over the course of four decades by amateur radio personality Paulo V..

What distinguishes this project and makes it unique is not just the theme behind it, which is novel or at least uncommon in the field of visual arts, but also its strikingly unusual  aesthetic and poetic approach, which reveals a reality that is not widely accessible and shaped by the use of a range of media.

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Adelaide Ginga