Horizontes brancos (the video)

2017, Full HD video,  PAL, 16:9, B/W, audio: two channels, 21′ 49” (loop)
Edition of 3+1 artist’s proof

(…) the video, showing negatives, reinforces the idea of the loss of referentiality of the images. But we must notice that this video has sound, and that sound evokes a projection machine (underlining the technical and mechanical aspects), and it is interrupted by a brief speech that sounds radiophonic or coming from the old television speakers, where a sentence is pronounced in a poetical tone.

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António Guerreiro

excerpt from the text “SUMMON THE IMAGES, REVEAL THE GHOSTS”

(…) The narrative – the history of a life or the history of a community – is the (re)construction and constant (re)organization of the memories by which memory is established. The continuous construction and updating of a narrative implies an imaginative participation, a fictional participation that is revealed in the processing of the of events succession that is, as previously mentioned, filtered by oblivion (and lack of knowledge), in the dependence that memory has on information, communication or a dialogue that, moreover, not the subject with himself.

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Andreia César

excerpt from the text “Prontuário dos afectos”

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