O erro de Prometheus

2017, Full HD video,  PAL, 16:9, colour, audio: two channels, 7′ 20” (loop)
Edition of 3+1 artist’s proof

The Greek mythology tell us , that Zeus will have charged Prometheus with the task of bringing to life non-immortals – animals and men – by distributing these valences and qualities in a balanced way. But Prometheus (god of memory, of knowledge) delegates this task to his twin brother Epimetheus (god of forgetfulness and apology); but when it came to creating the man, realized that no longer had qualities available, had nothing to equip him with.


Protagoras, through Plato, tells us that Prometheus, in order to correct his brother’s forgetfulness, toked from Hephaestus the gift of fire, symbol of technique, and from Athena the intelligence, capacity at the time equivalent to art, contemplating the man with these valences. Zeus became displeased, once that becouse of the oblivion of Epimetheus, the humans were placed at the level of the gods, equipped with the abillity of prosthesis construction – technique – and the creative capacity, to form life – Art …

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