2014-17, Prontuário dos afectos, installation, 50 images, inkjet print on fineart cotton paper, 330×550 cm, edition of 5+A.P.


FCT – Nova collection

(…) Photographic objects, which when used as a support for personal messages on one of its faces, are transformed into unique elements – not as photographic representations, but as photographic objects – running this messages as an enhanced replacement of the person represented in the portrait (…) however, these objects have two faces, and the photographic image it’s the pretext for the writings and for mnemonic element. What these pictures reveal is a pose, a failed search for the photogenic wherein the expression, the position pictured, as well as background, follow a pattern. 

Thus, from the selection of fragments of portraits with formal analogies but of different people, stems a portrait that can be understood as an allusion to all patent faces in the dedications (…) in the appropriation of these objects, in a scene created for this purpose, it´s been proceeded to a full photographic record of both sides of the photographic paper. Thus, the objects were also subjected to a ritual of pose, to a presence of the photography within the photography.

2014, Retratos #01-#07, injet on fineart cotton papers, collage, 100×70 cm (each one), single proof