Revelação…ou o testemunho de uma ausência anunciada

2012, gelatin and silver on paper & Injek on fineart cotton paper, various dimensions, single proofs

The purpose of this work is to approach the physical/temporal space. The images represent a certain moment in time, in which we are not suggested any indication of its origin, nor of what will happen later. Only the instant in which it was registered counts, that’s the only information available. These compositions are also deprived of geographic reference, leaving to the individual imaginary the connections that they can trigger. The choice of frames defines the shapes in order to capture the force they transmit, giving place to a vision that alternates between the inside and the outside,

the next and the distant, as a focus that adjusts as it captures different motives of interest. The subject who records these moments can embody the figure of the primary observer, for whom the environment that surrounds him represents a total novelty, making contact for the first time with aspects and details at the beginning unnoticed to the common inhabitant. Paradoxically, these characters, the inhabitants, whose physical presence passes completely unnoticed in this observation, are the vehicle of construction of these “accidents”, but there is no need for a figurative record to feel its omnipresence.