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2014, FullHD video, PAL, 16:9, color, two channels, 6′ 01” loop
Edition of 3+1 artist’s proof

Fill our ears the sound vibration of the universe, which varies within the same frequency, almost deafening as empty of life, while faced with the image of the moving water, free of color. This, abstratizante, allows for its rhythmic and repetitive movement, reinforced by its projection dimensions, one self-absorption, a dip in it and, symbolically, a return to the beginning, to our common uterus. 

Finally, with the addition of the color element, a perfect and indivisible unity is created – the three colors of the light spectrum, the origin point of all possible combinations. 
As a matrioskas game, the elements succeed, complement and are repeated in a cycle – universe, water, light, universe.


432/8 is a collective project with Catarina Seixas and Miguel Barradas