2018 | cat – casa das artes de tavira

Black and light mark the narrative fields of Henrique Vieira Ribeiro in a dichotomy that represents beginning and end (Genesis and Apocalypse) inserted in an endless loop that questions if the beginning ever existed, or alternatively, if the path is made from the back to the front in a pursue of its source/origin (Apocatastasis). 

Allowing our gaze to wander through these premonitory windows is to be carried voluntarily to the consequences of a path defined by the element that never appears

but is thou perceived – Man – protagonist of these fictions that perhaps wish to represent the great history of mankind and the Earth. He, who believes himself to be God, takes his address to the threshold of the sustainable, and being this address who truly supports him, takes revenge discarding herself and discarding him, to return then as rose of thorns born of the static of the universe.


Ana Vieira Ribeiro