O voo e queda de Ícaro

2015 | Mute Art Gallery, Lisbon

The formless concept – created by George Bataille and developed by Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss in his formless[1] essay – is based on four operational lines: pulse, beat representing the separation of space and time; base materialism, qualification of matter; entropy, as an element related to the structural order of systems, and horizontality, which according to George Bataille functions as a spatial mapping system.

Although there are points of contact between these four operations, and the images that make up the project O voo e queda de Ícaro, is all the reflection presented in the chapter of horizontality that seems to be the guiding line of its questioning and conception – the association of the passage from the horizontal plane inherent to the bed object, to the vertical plane in which the images are exposed, is associated with the dialectic between death and life, between the human and the divine.

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